The Beauty of Becoming

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The Beauty of Becoming

by Kylee Clifton

Ever feel like you’re just not quite there yet, like you always come up just a little bit short? I don’t know about you but there is always a sense in the midst of myself to be more. More in love with the Lord, more engaging with others, more fit, more involved, etc. The list goes on and on. We all strive to be excellent and that is a good thing that is instilled within in us, but there is a danger to let that mission consume our minds.

bucketListThis last summer has been filled dealing with myself and the unmet longing of my heart to be more. Like many people do I made a summer bucket list. It had twenty-five items on it. Guess how many I accomplished? Fourteen. Yes, I fell eleven items short. At the beginning of summer I promised myself that I would keep up with all of my friends and be super intentional in those relationships. Also, I committed to spend daily time with the Lord. It would seem that shortcomings are the theme for my summer. Of course we become disappointed with ourselves and circumstances when we put our value in the things that really don’t matter.

The evening was cool for a summer in July. Again, the criticisms and self-doubt began to creep their way into my heart and my thoughts. So I leapt into my car and drove. There is a calm that I get from driving. I absolutely love driving. The open road, the sense of the freedom, and my Lumineers album on loop almost nothing can bring me more peace. So I drove and drove and drove. I drove past countless dirt roads with no destination in sight. Finally I came to a gorgeous clearing. The sun was setting its rays shimmering through the lively green leaves. I got out of the car put my blanket down by a small patch of wildflowers, and just sat. Sat in the Lord’s presence. Sat in the beauty encompassing me. God was romancing and drawing me in with this scene. To think that the maker of sunsets and mountains desires my presence and demands my attention is above any kind of affirmation that I could ever receive. I am worthy. And reader, YOU are worthy. Your worth, however, does not come from measurable things or achievements. Your worth comes from the fact that you are a child of the most high King and he loves you and wants to romance you closer and closer to Himself. So be patient with yourself, flowers don’t bloom all year. Trust in the Lord and His perfect timing and know that in every time and season you are perfectly loved and you are His crown of creation.