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Our summer 2016 sermon series will be over The Book of the Twelve, often called the minor prophets in the Old Testament (Hosea-Malachi). These prophets, however, are anything but minor as they individually and collectively call the people to repentance and announce the coming judgment, but also proclaim hope based on God’s gracious love, patience, and promises to His people.

Join us on Sundays at 8pm or listen here on the website to follow this challenging and encouraging study that is often neglected but much needed in our day.


Introduction to the Twelve Handout

May 22: “My People, Mercy, and Messiah: Trusting a God of Faithfulness”–Hosea (Kyle Rapinchuk)     Hosea Handout

May 29: “Locusts of De-creation and the Restorative Power of God”–Joel (Rusty Osborne) Joel Handout

June 5: “But You’re the Oldest”–Amos (Juston Gates)   Amos Handout

June 12: “Pride and the Judgment on All Nations”–Obadiah (Rusty Osborne) Obadiah Handout

June 19: “God’s Gracious Salvation”–Jonah (Jay Todd) Jonah Handout

June 26: “What Does the Lord Require of You?”–Micah (Kyle Rapinchuk) Micah Handout

July 3: “The Prophet of Paradox”–Nahum (Kyle Rapinchuk) Nahum Handout

July 10: “Glory through the Struggle”–Habakkuk (Neil Franks) Habakkuk Handout

July 17: “A Reversal of (Mis)Fortunes”–Zephaniah (Kyle Rapinchuk) Zephaniah Handout

July 24: “First Things First”–Haggai (Juston Gates) Haggai Handout

July 31: “The Temple, the Priest-King, and the Presence of God”–Zechariah (Kyle Rapinchuk) Zechariah Handout

August 7: “The Messianic Messenger”–Malachi (Kyle Rapinchuk) Malachi Handout