john-postcard-frontIn Spring 2017 we will be preaching through the Gospel of John, particularly chapters 17-21. In the first week we will look at the major themes of the book, the overall purpose, and give a brief survey of John 1-16 and its application. We will then spend the next 13 weeks preaching verse by verse through John 17-21. John’s stated purpose is that he has written these things about Jesus that his readers might believe that Jesus is the Christ/Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing we might have life in his name (John 20:31). Our hope is that we, too, as readers of John’s Gospel will encounter Jesus and find life in his name.

We believe that God’s Word is formative for our lives as it transforms our minds and our hearts to Jesus Christ. Thus, each week we preach expository sermons as we work through books of the Bible. Each week we record the audio of the sermon and post it here so that anyone can access the teaching for personal enrichment or group discussion. Please let us know what other resources we can provide to help you grow in Christ. But don’t just listen online–come join us! BSU Gather meets on Mondays at 9pm at the BSU House on the south end of the College of the Ozarks campus.

Sermon Schedule

January 16: John 1-16 and Introduction (Kyle Rapinchuk)

January 23: “A Revealing Mission”–John 17:1-19 (Andy Petry)

January 30: “Your Salvation is Too Small”–John 17:20-26 (Kyle Rapinchuk)

February 6: “Another Garden Betrayal”–John 18:1-14 (Kyle Rapinchuk)

February 13: “Peter’s Weakness as a Sinner; Christ’s Resolve as a Savior”–John 18:15-27 (Rusty Osborne)

February 20: “Jesus, the True King”–John 18:28-40 (Michael Atmar)

February 27: “Jesus, the Guiltless King”–John 19:1-16 (Rusty Osborne)

March 6: “It is Finished: The Solution”–John 19:17-42 (Ryan Knight)

March 13: Worship Night

March 20: Spring Break (No BSU Gather)

March 27: “Seeing, Believing, and the Gift of Faith”–John 20:1-10 (Juston Gates)

April 3: “When Jesus Calls You By Name”–John 20:11-18 (Jeff Griffis)

April 10: “Blessed are Those Who Have Not Seen Yet Believe”–John 20:19-31 (Grant Ryder)

April 17: “It is the Lord”–John 21:1-14 (Skyler Martin)

April 24: “Do You Love Me?”–John 21:15-25 (Kyle Rapinchuk)