sprout_in_dirt_squareOnly Believe

Read Mark 5:21-43


A hot, smelly crowd, a devastated father. Everyone presses against Jesus, voices all around calling for healing. He stops for a woman, an unclean woman… “Daughter, your faith has made you well…” Woman healed, free, weeping.

Father’s little girl, dead. The Teacher comes. “She’s not dead…do not be afraid; only believe.”  He takes her hand and her eyes open! Mother and father stand speechless, weeping.

Who is this Man?


A ruler of the synagogue recognized Jesus’ power and asked in faith for Him to heal his daughter. Likewise, the sick woman in the crowd had faith enough to simply reach out her hand and touch Jesus. Jesus honored her faith and healed her. Then Jesus also did the impossible for the heartbroken parents. Just when all hope was lost, He came and turned it all around.


We can trust God and keep asking even when it feels like it is going to be impossible. His timing is always right even when it feels like He’s late.