1 Chronicles 19-20

By Kyle Rapinchuk

Chapter 19 continues to record David’s military successes, and Joab’s words in verse 13 once again puts the focus on YHWH: “May YHWH’s will be done.”

Chapter 20 likewise focuses on military success, first against the Ammonites (vv. 1-3) and then the Philistine giants (vv. 4-8). There are two interesting points regarding these two accounts. First, although this battle in verse 1-3 was the time of David’s adultery and murder of Uriah, the Chronicler omits this entire account. This is one of many omissions or modified accounts in Chronicles that allows the Chronicler to paint the best portrait possible of the good kings of Judah. The Chronicler is anticipating the coming Messiah, the Son of David (1 Chr 17), and by painting a positive portrait of the good kings, the Chronicler shows the reader a glimpse of what the Messiah will be like.

Second, the mention of the Philistine giants is a reminder that the land truly was filled with huge warriors, confirming the report of the spies in Numbers 14. Unlike on that occasion, the Israelites are faithful and trust YHWH for victory.