1 Chronicles 18

By Kyle Rapinchuk

As was the case in previous chapters, the victories of David and his army are attributed to YHWH. In both verses 6 and 13 it says, “Yahweh made David victorious wherever he went.” This is an important reminder because it shows YHWH’s power and His faithfulness to His promises.

In verse 14, David is said to reign over all Israel with justice and righteousness. This is another important connection back to Abraham, for it was to Abraham that YHWH first taught this lesson. In Genesis 18, YHWH reveals to Abraham what He is going to do to Sodom so that Abraham will instruct his children in the way of YHWH, to do righteousness and justice. David’s faithfulness as YHWH’s Messianic king is thus marked by this reigning in justice and righteousness.