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BSU GatherBSU Gather is a time of fellowship, worship, and teaching. Much like a church service, it is an opportunity to learn, grow, and worship the Lord in community. We meet on Monday nights at 9pm in in the BSU HouseĀ on the South end of campus. This semester’s theme/text is Acts.






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What is BSU Talk?

*BSU Talk is a periodic event scheduled at various times throughout the semester. The goal is to provide a forum for fellowship, conversation, and Q&A regarding tough issues about life, Scripture, and more. Each BSU Talk meeting has a theme, but we will also be happy to dialogue or answer questions about other issues.

*BSU Talk is another name for our small group, Bible study, and discipleship study ministry. Our mission is to make disciples who make disciples, love God, and love others. Smaller groups, conversations about key issues of the Christian faith, and fellowship and accountability around God’s Word are all key components of making that happen, and BSU Talk is one way we attempt to fulfill our mission. Check out our Discipleship Study brochure for more details.


Join the leadership team! Our leadership team is involved in intentional discipleship, small groups, service, and a lot of fun and fellowship!








Not a student but want to be involved? Go here.