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As important as it is to Gather together for worship, which we do on Mondays at 9pm, we think a critical part of growing in maturity as followers of Jesus Christ is interacting regularly with other believers about who God is and what He says in His Word. We call our discipleship ministry BSU Talk because we recognize that interacting about key issues of life and faith is done through talking with other believers about tough issues.

We have a number of small groups, book studies, Bible studies, and topical studies that students can get involved in to connect with one another and grow in Christ-likeness. We also recommend students get involved in Lead U, a discipleship curriculum designed by Kyle Rapinchuk for fbcBranson.






Led by Sam Stoddard

Rapinchuk Den, Tuesdays 8pm

Samson Society is a company of fellow brothers bearing one another’s burdens in relation to sexual sin. Pornography and sexual addiction is rampant in the church and among society as a whole. That’s where Samson comes in. There are two requirements for joining: you must be a man, and you must be a sinner. All are welcome to attend, there is no membership, and we guarantee you that nothing is too taboo for us or for Christ’s abounding love. So come and take part in a Christ centered brotherhood as we discuss and strive to overcome porn addiction and lust.