Breakout Session 1B: “Sinai and the Saints: Reading and Teaching Old Testament Legal Material” by Jay Todd

ToddSummary: In this breakout session, Dr. Jay Todd discusses the way in which Christians should read and apply the Old Testament legal material. As a key point in this discussion, he addresses the relationship between the Old and New Covenants and how Christians, though not under the Old Covenant laws, still understand the Old Covenant laws as they are recorded in various places in the Old Testament as a part of Christian Scripture. Dr. Todd has written more extensively on this topic in his book Sinai and the Saints: Reading Old Covenant Laws for the New Covenant Community.

Dr. Jay Todd (PhD, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) is Associate Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies and a Division Chair at College of the Ozarks. He is also an elder/pastor at Christ’s Covenant Church in Branson, MO. Dr. Todd is the author of Sinai and the Saints and Remember, O YahwehHe and his wife Christina have three children: Maisy, Lily, and Isaac.



“Sinai and the Saints: Reading and Teaching Old Testament Legal Material” by Jay Todd


Christianity and the Death of the Old Testament promo card alternate front2“Christianity and the Death of the Old Testament” is the first conference in our Lead U Conference Series, which arose in conjunction with fbcBranson’s Lead U Discipleship Courses. This event aims to provide teaching and tools to ensure that we take seriously all of God’s Word and are better prepared to read the Old Testament with Christian eyes.

In 2015 and 2016, Ozarks BSU hosted conferences as part of our BSU Talk series. For our 2017 conference, we worked in conjunction with fbcBranson to help plan and serve at the main conference, as well as offering a special collegiate ministry session on Saturday evening from 7-9pm.

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